Boxing Fitness Class

Are you looking for a  fun new exciting workout to jump start your fitness program? Come join Patty for an intense 60 min non-contact boxing class.  The class will cover boxing skills and techniques.  Expect to work hard hitting heavy bags, speed bags and double-end bags.  Classic boxing fitness drills that help with agility and balance will also be part of this exhilarating workout! And don’t forget about your core!  What would a Mind Body workout session be without your core!

The class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday morning and the cost is $15 a class.  No experience is necessary- Come and join the fun! Gloves and hand wraps will be provided. Wear clothes that you can comfortably workout and sweat in, and please wear sneakers.

WHEN: Tuesday 9a and Thursday 8a
WHERE: Sign in at the front desk
COST: $15 per class

For more information, please call the office.

Exercise of the Week

Barrel Quadriceps Stretch

Place top of foot on Barrel. Squeeze the backs of hip and inner thighs together, belly in & lifting tall thru center of spine.   Avoid arching spine.  Keep ribs in with abdominals tight.

Ground hips & lift waist up out of hips.  Hold 5-8 breaths.
Progression: raise arm up while maintaining framed posture.  Hold 5-8 breaths.


*This can also be done using a chair by placing the top of your foot on a chair.