Mind Body Physical Therapy Testimonials

Mind Body as been great for me! I’ve tried to run on and off in my adult life and have been plagued by pain in my right hip, groin and knee. I’d been to PT before and things would get a little better but I never felt well equipped in understanding my injury or how to prevent the next one. When I came to Mind Body they were able to identify the source of my problem (my hips tend to get out of alignment) and I needed major strength training in my core and hip flexors. For the first time in my life I haven’t had hip pain. Anytime I would be in a car for long distances I had hip pain. I really never thought it would get better because I had had hip pain since my early 20’s but it really doesn’t hurt anymore. Another first for me was completing my first 1/2 marathon! I truly believe that without the amazing support and care from Mind Body I would have ended up injured long before the race and on the couch for months due to injury.
-Kate S.


I was having lower back discomfort for months (4-6mo) and had the frame of mind that it would just go away.  I knew there was something drastically wrong when I bent over the bathtub to tend to my niece and tears came rushing down my face.  I couldn’t move the pain was so excruciating.  When I got back from vacation my schedule picked right back up and I neglected myself again.  The second episode of back pain was when I was at work.  All that I did was bend over.  With this simple movement the exact same pain came rushing to my lower back.  I immediately made an appointment with Mind Body.  Over the course of my treatment I was privileged to work with three therapists, all of whom were skillful and more than knowledgeable.  The therapists at Mind Body are AMAZING!!!  They gave me the tools to get better and live a pain free life.
After graduating from physical therapy, I elected to participate in their Pilates program.  I learned so much about being mindful in the movement of my body and how to use the correct muscles for simple tasks in my daily life.  Thank you Mind Body for your dedication to making me a happier healthier person!

-Katie E.

I love Mind-Body. Over the past 10 years I have been going to Mind-Body to stay healthy and active. Everyone at Mind-Body is amazing! The whole body hands-on approach is fantastic. As an active triathlete I am prone to injury and they have kept me as close to injury free as I can be. I highly recommend the team to help heal an injury and maintain overall wellness.
 -David L.

For over 10 years, I’ve benefited from doing both physical therapy and Pilates at MindBody, thanks to their skilled and knowledgeable team.  Physical therapy treatments have helped me overcome chronic lower back and neck pain.  Regular Pilates workouts have enabled me to stay aligned by improving my strength and stability.  The physical therapists and the Pilates instructors are truly experts in understanding how the body should and can move.  I’ve learned so much by working with them.  I greatly appreciate the time they take to understand my specific needs and limitations.  Through a combination of Physical Therapy and Pilates, today, I am more active without pain and 10 years older!  That’s a huge accomplishment.  I also love the friendly and supportive environment.  No question, they are Baltimore’s Best!

-Abby T. 

I suffered a severe shoulder injury from a bad cycling accident.  In order to avoid surgery, I went through a rigorous PT program at Mind Body.  Not only did I avoid surgery, but I was back in the pool swimming after 2 months.  Mind Body worked with me to develop a set of exercises to strengthen my shoulder in order to compensate for the AC separation.
-Betsy J.
The comfortableness of the space and the staff at Mind Body give reassurance, something important to anyone who has experienced  injurious trauma.  Mind Body is the place for those who want to heal from that trauma from the inside out, and who want their own body to do as much of that healing as is possible.  Mind Body staffers have empathy, training, deafness to whining, patience and optimism.  They have a belief equal to mine that my mind and my body can be active learners for recovery and that through my learning from the staff, I can relocate my innate movements that reduce and prevent pain.  My easeful movement was disrupted while in service to the immediate purpose of making it through a trauma, when I became a pedestrian hit by a car, and further disrupted in service to coping in the near term.  They have aided me to slowly unlearn my short-term, pain creating coping habits done by my muscles and brain in tandem, and to move and live for the long-term.  Mind Body staff remain always available for relapses.  Several years ago, I was practically carried by my spouse into their building, suffering from a breath-stealing first time bout of a incapacitatingly painful back spasm, only to walk out smiling an hour later after having hands on treatment. There have been no spasms since then.  On the spot, my near instantaneous recovery brought my spouse to conclude that Mind Body was the place for physical therapy. Myself, I had known that for a long time.
– Pat A.