Introduction to Pilates Mat begins Friday, 18 April 2014

Come join our new Introduction to Pilates Mat class on Friday afternoon.  On 18 April we will be starting a new Introduction to Pilates Mat class.  The class is a 6 week series starting 18 April through 23 May 2014, from 12- 12:50pm.  The cost is $80.  Our class will provide an introduction to Pilates and to the mat exercises the are done in the drop-in mat classes.  It is designed for any individual that has no experience with Pilates and is interested in doing the mat classes at Mind Body. If you are interested or have any questions about whether this class is appropriate for you, please call the front desk or stop in.  Come join in this fun, high energy introduction to Pilates mat- find out for yourself what Pilates is about!

Team Mind Body making waves happen, thanks to our support!


Thank you to all of our supporters!  Team Mind Body participated in the Baltimore Swim Across America pool event on 21 September and helped to raise over $90K for the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins.  This year,Team Mind Body raised over $8000 for this event.  The Baltimore SAA event has raised over $425K this year, bringing the total raised over $1,400,000 since its inception in 2010!  We are especially honored to have helped fund research for the SAA lab and it’s exciting new Pap-Gene test, which is a genomic-based test for ovarian and endometrial cancers.

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Pilates Mat Class and Apparatus Instruction The Authentic Pilates method of body conditioning is a series of exercises developed to create a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle.

This method was developed over ninety years ago and continues to be an effective and unique system of exercises that strengthens and tones muscles, improves circulation, improves flexibility, improves posture and will unite the body and mind. The Pilates method has a strong focus on the deep core muscles of the body, the abdominals, buttocks, and lower back (known as the “powerhouse”).

This area is the control center for movement. Having a strong powerhouse will allow one to perform daily activities, as well as sporting events without injury, stress, or fatigue. Authentic Pilates method is a mindful activity requiring much concentration. Focus on the various exercises requires integrating the mind and body. This connection helps to improve mental and physical capabilities. It provides a refreshing and energizing workout. Whether your goal is to improve overall body condition, tone muscles, trim inches, stretch tight muscles or decrease stress or fatigue, our sessions, based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, can help you. Our classes can also help those with back or neck pain, orthopedic conditions, asthma, or other respiratory problems, balance disorders, or chronic pain. Regardless of your current level of fitness, Pilates can help to improve the body condition and assist with injury prevention. At Mind Body we offer private and semi-private sessions by appointment, in addition to mat classes. We also offer an introductory Package for mat work. The 4 sessions package will introduce the participant to the mat exercises that are performed in the drop-in classes. Classes and lessons are taught by instructors that have been certified by Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo.

Please call to schedule an appointment: 443.279.1777