March 20th Anniversary Party!



Mind Body is celebrating it’s 15th Anniversary and we want you to join in the fun!
On Friday, March 20th we’ll be hosting an open house with cake, champagne and other tasty treats to celebrate.  Be sure to grab a flyer from the front desk and and mark your calendar for this special event!




Swimming courses at Meadowbrook!

Exercising in the water is great for your body in so many ways!
Not only does it improve flexibility and strength, the buoyancy of the water is gentler on your joints while you work out.  It renews energy, relieves stress, teaches patience and contributes to a positive attitude of well being.  So jump in!

Our Pilates instructor Laura Reitman teaches a warm water core & postural strengthening class at Meadowbrook Aquatic Center every Wednesday from 12-1PM.   For more information, call (410) 433-8300

Members Free
Non-Members $15/class


15th Anniversary Promotion! Private Pilates Bundle Packages

If you are currently taking private pilates lessons or have always wanted to, now is the time to take advantage of our March bundle offer!  In celebration of our 15th Anniversary, we are offering promotional packages of five, ten and twenty private pilates sessions.  Call (443) 279-1777 or sign up at the front desk to get one of these !
Pilates Bundle Packages

$99 Unlimited Mat Class Promo!

It’s true! Mind Body is offering unlimited Pilates Mat Classes for the entire month of March for just $99.  Call or visit the front desk to sign up and you will automatically be enrolled.  Click here for information about class schedule and what to expect if you’re a beginner.




Beginner / Intermediate

Intro to Mat
*Pre-registration required

Beginner / Intermediate

Beginner / Intermediate

** All classes listed are “Drop-In” classes unless otherwise specified.
** Drop In classes are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.
** $99 Unlimited Mat Class promo is valid only for the month of March
** To sign up, visit the front desk or call (443) 279-1777


Mind Body’s 15th Anniversary!


Mind Body Pilates & Physical Therapy is turning 15 years old this March, and we would like to invite you to celebrate with us!  Throughout the month of March, we will be offering pilates packages and unlimited pilates mat course bundles along with two featured events at the studio. Stay up to date with our blog to receive details on these special engagements! If you’d like to join our mailing list, you can sign up for it here.

Private Pilates & Mat Classes

Raynia Stokes instructs challenging, safe and effective workouts both in mat exercise classes and private reformer sessions.  She is in tune with what her clients are physically capable of achieving and brings each one of them to a level of individualized success.

If you’d like to schedule and appointment with Raynia, call the front desk and inquire about spaces available for private lessons.  (443) 279-1777.


What’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

So what’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga?  They both focus on the connection of mind & body and one’s awareness of space, but do you know how they’re different?



  • Pilates focuses on rehabilitation and strengthening and was developed in the mid-20th century.  Yoga is a spiritually meditative workout and originates from a 5,000 year old Indian practice.
  • Pilates sometimes uses a reformer or cadillac to increase the range of resistance levels in a workout.  Yoga often uses props (like blankets, blocks or straps) in addition to the mat for exercises.
  • Both exercises connect body and mind, but Pilates emphasizes the use of abdominal muscles and concentrates on alignment during the workout.

Osteopenia, does Pilates help?

Osteopenia is a disease that causes bones to become weak and brittle, however research has proven that Pilates can prevent osteoporosis and even reverse its effects.  Pilates strengthens core muscles and focuses on alignment of the pelvis, hips, legs, feet, shoulders and head.  When the body is aligned, one can support an upright position to maintain balance and prevent falls.


For those already suffering from osteoporosis, a set of modified exercises will do the following:

  • Build bone density of spine and hip
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Avoid movements that increase risk of fracture

Even the pros do Pilates

Did you know Nick Markakis of the Baltimore Orioles (now the Atlanta Braves) practices Pilates weekly?  Next time you’re in the studio check out our Pilates bobble of our favorite baseball player.  Go #22!




Is it time for a massage?

Are you feeling tight from the fast paced stress of the holiday season?  Is  there a pain you’ve been experiencing that won’t go away?  Bring in the new year with a restoring massage with Peter Rutz.  Peter offers Swedish, Deep Tissue and Reiki massage and specializes in sports recovery and pain management.  Schedule a session with Peter today!